Get marketing ideas that work with the Adzet platform

Running a successful business depends on being able to start a conversation with your customers. Most businesses do not fully engage with their customers, usually for one of two reasons; either because their marketing strategy is not yet fully developed or because key people are too busy working on other parts of the business to dedicate time to marketing. Adzet’s cloud based marketing platform provides a more streamlined way to develop a marketing strategy across both online and traditional media. Let’s take a look at some key ways that Adzet can help your business reach more customers for less cost.



Tools to help you fully develop marketing ideas

Creating and managing the perfect marketing campaign can take up a lot of time – time that most business leaders would rather spend elsewhere. The growth of digital and social media marketing means that there are more opportunities than ever before. The Adzet platform’s Campaign Manager helps you cut across a plethora of marketing ideas to create an effective strategy. A cornerstone of Adzet’s marketing platform is its ability to use data to narrow down the choices – an algorithm, with input from local advertising experts, can look across thousands of industry options and suggest the most effective marketing ideas based on a predicted return on investment.


Subscribers also receive individual advice from their Adzet account manager, who can help them turn the platform’s suggestions into a fully-developed campaign. With this guidance from the Adzet platform and account manager, you are in a position to develop and deploy marketing ideas without stealing time from other competing priorities in your business.


Performance-based marketing decisions

Understanding the results of a marketing campaign is a key part of assessing its place in the marketing mix, so it is important that your marketing platform gives you visibility of your return on investment (ROI). The Adzet platform provides a clear view of your business’ ROI for all of your marketing activities. Adzet’s campaign manager tool prompts users for information for each campaign which it can use to calculate the both the average ROI and the best-ever ROI achieved. Businesses can also feed ROI data back into the Campaign Manager for use in developing and testing future marketing ideas.


Guidance and input from marketing experts

A key part of Adzet’s cloud-based marketing platform is actually the input of professional advisors – Adzet’s algorithms are there to supplement rather than replace expert advice. Businesses can ask questions, bounce ideas and receive input on their marketing ideas from the dashboard. Adzet’s marketing platform is essentially a full-service advertising agency in the cloud – through joint media buying, Adzet can deliver amazing value for your business.


From real estate to consumer goods, the Adzet platform can help you develop your marketing ideas to their full potential. Why not see for yourself how Adzet can help you reach more customers for less cost by signing up for a free, risk-free 5 day trial?